XPO | What a nice retirement party


TB Lurker
We at xco retired the best personnel supervisor in the world today..Paul a was not only the best in the job but was just a great friend. Paul gave conway 27 years but has had enough and called it quits today. I will truly miss him. if any driver had a problem Paul had a problem. Paul was always there for the driver first conway last. Paul was always there for us both for work or personal issues. When have you ever heard of Doug S and John L showing up for a retirement party. They both did today at xco for Paul.Go my friend and now enjoy life. Jump from as many planes as you wish and may your landings always be blessed.I will miss you.
Excellent, good for him and i hope he has many good years of enjoyment. Sounds like the kind of person that we all wished we had been able to share our careers with. (by what do you mean he has had enough?) 27 yrs is a long time i realize, but you make it sound more like he was fed up . Was it planned or was it all of a sudden?. How old of a person was he? We desperately need more people of his calibur within our ranks.
He sounds like a great guy. I have very fond memories of the personal supervisor who hired me and kinda took me under his wing my first year. He is a great guy who shall of course remain name less but your description of your PS reminded me of mine.
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