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What are we getting for the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure bill?

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
Pete Buttigieg Proposes Nation-Wide Speeding Cameras to Fine Speeders and Help “Prevent Potholes

Pete’s goal is apparently to ticket all speedsters AND to help “prevent potholes.”

So rather than, you know, actually improving infrastructure with the infrastructure bill, they want to use it to fine (“tax”) us even more!

They’re craziness knows no bounds.

More details below:
So far, the mainstream media doesn’t appear to be picking up on this story.

We shouldn’t be surprised.

They want to protect Joe’s feeble administration at all costs.

Thankfully, the Daily Mail has a few details for what’s in store
These commies will use the cameras for dirty deeds against us citizens. Commies have no boundaries when it comes to controlling the populous.