Averitt | What do you Love about working here? What do you Hate about working here?


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Lets make a big thread for all potential new co-workers to read about the benefits and drawbacks about working here.

What do you Love about working here? What do you Hate about working here? PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ATTACKING OTHER MEMBERS REPLIES WHETHER THEY BE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE.
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I'll start by saying I love the fact that we are not micro managed, we have nice equipment, and great benefits. After 24 years of service I really can't think of anything I hate, I truly enjoy working here and couldn't imagine working for any other freight line.
I love the way my truck pulls the hills. Hate how I was totally lied to in orientation 7 months ago on how truckload drivers work and are treated. Hate how little miles i get every week (averaging 1800 miles a week).....i could go on and on about what I hate....before anyone says it yes i'm looking around for another job.....i do not recommend truckload to any OTR drivers.
Let me add high tech on board computers making calls to dispatch a thing of the past, 8 paid holidays, 3 weeks vacation, ability to earn extra cash when needed, like extra weekend runs and city drop and hooks and dock work, a generous yearly uniform allowance, job security. The only thing I wish could be better is allowing the wash bays to be open 24/7, we were once known for the cleanest trucks in the fleet and now with the new trucks hitting the roads it sure would be nice to keep them looking new. How about a monthly reimbursement for professional cleaning like at a truck stop?
After 15 years we should have 4 weeks vacation, the qualcomm is just a nuisance in addition to being a tattletail. If I can't make it in 5 days I guess I won't make it. Let the younger ones grab up all those additional miles.

I keep the inside clean and to hell with the outside.
Electronic Logging
Pulling LTL Shuttle freight
Pulling Yuengling Beer loads from Tampa Fl
Pulling Bridgestone loads from Jax Fl
Pulling Baker loads from Jax Fl
Running out to TX
Pulling 10xxx, 536xxx and above trls
Getting PAID FAIRYTALE Miles on T/L loads
Pulling the 8xxx,9xxx and the 533,4,5xxx trls
Getting told I need to run my tires "JUST A FEW MORE" miles before they will replace them. Even when I have little or no traction in the rain.
Not being dispatched on more than ONE load at a time.....PLANNING
Getting only 36 hrs off on the weekend,Not being able to PLAN family time,until the LAST moment!
Seeing other carriers pulling AVRT Trailers
1800 miles a week in SIX (6) Days
Leaving out on SUNDAY afternoon and getting in on SATURDAY nite
Delivering a load off a yard, that someone JUST dropped, and taking it 15-50 miles,burning up MY time,getting paid PEANUTS,while the 1st driver is gone with ANOTHER load!

I have more likes coming!!!!SOON
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Driving away from the city every night
Fellowship with all the good people at our svc.
The couple of mechanics that get me out the gate when I have problems.
Very good facilities.
Great miles.

Driving back into the city every morning.
Running temps. in the city and shuttle. They don't care!
People that Don't do their job, thus affecting me.
Sub par pay.
Hiring leaders from other companys. Lots of smart, ambitious, hardworking people within our fences.
Got some more likes:
Running Legal
I can speak with a Human being when I need to.
GS finally spending money upgrading Serctrs...Hope they are putting showers in TIF during that upgrade
Everything changed for me last year, otherwise I would be and was just like everyone else........

AE made it possible to be a full time dad, it far outweighs any dislikes. If i'd been with any other company during that time of my life things would most likely have turned out differently.
Dislike: tattoos not allowed to be seen, no body jewelry, no facial hair below the lip, no long hair.
If the inbreds that try to run this company would worry about the important things instead of this superfluous silly uniform and appearance BS it would be much better. The little Dicks (as in director) of the world are mired in the 50's. He will be gone in a few years.
Gary S., our President, is big on our appearance and wants us to be clean shaven and groomed, unlike the other high percentage of drivers on the road today. I had a beard when I hired on, I was told it had to be removed and I chose beard or lifelong career at Averitt, 24 years later I'm still clean shaven and have no regrets. There are a few companies out there that allow tats, beards and long hair, that's not us.
I worked there for 1.5 years had a earing I had too take out before coming in the door, tats on my arms and had too wear long sleaves rolled up to just under the tat and was clean shaven and neat haircut daily. my doctor has a tat on his arm but that dont change what kind of Dr. he is.