What if we all followed the "rule of law" like Obama does?

Northern Flash

A true love affair. For the love of money.
How would our Country work if we all followed the rules and laws like King Obama does?

1) Speed limit of 55 m.p.h......................unless you're in a hurry, you can go as fast as you feel that you need to.

2) It's illegal to us a weapon in the commission of a crime.............unless you've fallen on hard times.

3) It is unlawful to commit a violent act against another person...........unless you don't like them and feel the need to blow off a little steam.

4) You must pay your taxes according to local, state, and federal laws...........unless you would rather spend that money on new toys.

5) While under oath, you must tell the truth..........unless you think that it could get your friend in trouble.

6) It is illegal to drive a vehicle while intoxicated..........unless you have no other way of getting home.

7) It is illegal to manufacture and possess illegal drugs..........unless you like the feeling of being high, or need the source of income.

8) You must pay your utility bills as you agreed to do...........unless you need that money to buy cigarettes and beer.

9) You must report a vehicle accident immediately...........unless you are drunk or stoned and realize that you will get thrown in jail.

10) You must be covered by health insurance..........unless you are on the staff of a Congressman or get a specific exemption authorized from Obama himself.

What a great Country that we would live in.

Northern Flash

A true love affair. For the love of money.
That's the direction that we're heading in. I know of people who say that they don't care what Obama tries to force upon us. They're not going to comply either way. And Obama can't touch them or their assets, because they don't have any.

It appears as though, over the next three years, we will be living under an administration (Dictatorship) where they can do whatever they want, (including breaking the law) while the rest of us have to follow their rules. Seems like a communist operation to me. I hope that everyone will just refuse to sign up for ObamaCare. Where will the concentration camps be located?
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