What In The World Are US Troops Doing In Ukraine?


TB Legend


They have had troops in Ukraine as a unofficial training staff and observers.

The Ukraine Military is a little rough around the edges and there is a small number on hand for years to work with them.

That sort of thing does not bother me anymore. Too many years of USA sending troops wherever they wish.

Unfortunately the problem is Russia. They are big enough and powerful enough to fight us Nation to Nation in various ways that will hurt really bad for both sides. It would be a lesson we have not had in conducting formal war in at least 60+ years. All the little actions since WW2 were essentially either hunting, police actions or whatever.

Russia has watched us fight for decades, carefully. They also improved their military in various ways. For example they discovered the metallurgy on the T72 was cored which gave us what we needed to develop ammo to delete Iraqi T72's and then we learned the quality of armor degrades on the Russian T80 in arctic conditions among other flaws.

They have learned how to kill our latest M1a2 tanks with special weapons deployed now. Outside the range at which we can kill with the tank gun. So war evolves. A few years ago they bricked the USS Cook. In the black sea. A full up Aegis Burke Destroyer reduced to just a hull that floats and a couple of 50 cal machine guns. With all electronics no workie. Just a big fat billion dollar target.

That got hushed up very fast.

In some ways things have not really changed. Except one possivbility. The Washington DC leadership is screeching hysterically and our media follows suit. I dont think the People in America could be bothered to give a damn for Ukraines precious border when we do not defend our own near Mexico worth a damn. So... washington needs to cool it. QUICK.

All Russia needs is assurances that her security inside her borders is fine. We have no reason to invade Russia proper. There is no point in it. Even if we could we could not support the hosts needed to overcome their military reserves before they were destroyed in detail.

And NATO has become a liability. Europe will need to provide their own ::shit::. No more of this NATO crap. I get tired of it.