XPO | What is Xpo yard jockey San Diego starting pay and do you guys recommend working there?

Seriously where do you drivers work? Maybe you need to transfer. In the low paid South drivers work their butts off. Plenty of time on the dock. Many VIA'S for the senior drivers. Long runs plus dock time equals drivers that don't dream of a union. If you see lazy drivers say something to them. I would.

These damn millennials. If you say anything to them or about them it's all harassment. Crying and screaming like a toddler. Don't want to do anything. Still expect to be given everything.
You do not speak for me when you say "no one". I do care about this company. I do care about giving a solid day's work for solid day's pay. I work with good group of guys who do not hate this company and seem to enjoy their job. If you think it is as bad as you believe why are you still here? Good God man there are plenty of great trucking jobs out there begging for drivers of your caliber to come work for them. Go.

Amen, brother- preach it. Plenty like you out there that would say the same. <raises hand>
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