TForce | What was purpose?


TB Lurker
Of a strike authorization vote (over 90%approved) if your not gonna use it as leverage at the bargaining table to bring back strong contracts? Givebacks? In this economy,with their profits over the last 5 years from the last contract??? Congress fat tax cut?
NOPE...our boys don’t use it on the company at the table , they will use it on us to scare you into voting for a inferior contract in UPS
We will vote down the first offer and instead of going back in saying “ fair contract, no givebacks or we walk” they will come back with a marginally better sack of crap say to the members “do you really want to strike” knowing most can’t afford to and will vote yes.
This is why strike authorization is a hammer to be used in negotiations to get a fair contract, and upon failure to get one from the company than a recommended action to the body to show strength as a whole and we mean business. What a waste of power so far.
Let me give another scenario, Hoffa and his team in the event less than 50% of our members cast votes, declares it approved... Don't count that out....