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I've seen drivers wondering what will happen next in this company. Well it is hard to say. If we don't get abducted by aliens we will be okay,but who's to say. I don't know about our future in this company no one does. I would like to say it is secure. Who really knows this for sure. One thing I'm glad to see happen is that Jr. left the company (although he really was our very best ally).
I'm glad he is doing what he really wants to do that's farming because he loves farming. I hope that the upper management takes notice in what is going on around the company and keep their ears open, but I don't expect that either. I've seen alot of things happen over the years and sometimes wish we were small again. I've lost friends(accidents,heart attacks,cancer,etc )over my period of employment. I've seen this company go thru it's ups and downs over the years. One day I hope I can have the feeling of security again I'm tried of wondering if I have a job come tomarrow or not. Well that is all I wanted to say. So see ya best of luck and keep it between the lines.


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We all would love to see the company back the way it was but I really don't see it happening any time soon or at all.


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I'm kinda new to this company, a little over a year served. I didn't get to see any good times. All I can say is this is THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER WORKED FOR. Management makes it sound good when your hired. Then they badger you to the breaking point. The managers all stick together and blame everybody else for their inability to do their jobs. I've seen them yelling and cursing at dock workers and drivers, unbelieveable. What the employee needs to do is get one of those small video cams with sound and wear it at work. I bet a judge would agree that it's unacceptable behavior, and its verbal and mental abuse.
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