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I know most everybody hates their job. How does Cooper stack up against the rest? I've worked for 5 different non union LTL's over the years. They all had their problems. I'm looking for a place to put in about 3 to 5 more years. I last worked for Estes, went out on FMLA, couldn't make it back in time.

Like everybody else, I wanted out. I've been out for 21 months. It's not as great as I thought. Five surgeries and 160 pound weight loss, I'm probably in better shape now (at 62) than in many years. I'm losing my long term (private) disability checks. I think I would rather work (even with all the BS) than squeeze by on SSI.

I'm in East Tn. , so looking at Knoxville or Tri-Cities. If I got back on at Estes, bottom of seniority would mean KNX to Harrisburg, then spend the rest of week in Northeast! OD is being snotty. I quit (with notice in 1992) they say they don't rehire anyone who quit. 25 years ago? Oh well.

Website says Cooper wants linehaul in Knoxville. NO Northeast! YEA! Anybody from Knoxville on here/
I just stared at the knoxville terminal, I like it a lot. I came form Old Dominion and there are a few ex old dominion drivers there. One thing i know, no weekends, home daily, more holidays off and you can work bout as much as your heart desires...i though i would take a beating in pay from what i was making team driving for OD, but it wasn't that bad and i dont have to be on the road 6 days at a loving it
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