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Whats it like running the line at Pitt?

I just applied out of the CVL terminal for a line position, and was looking for some positive feedback on the line position. Any help would be appreciated. I read the old thread, but was looking for a little bit more info about the job. Thanks guys


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Having the least amount of seniority, you'll get mostly the shorter runs but often times your run will consist of 2 turns. At some freight consolidation terminals, such as Columbus, you may have to work the dock while waiting on freight from other terminals to arrive and be stripped. I can't say what things are like at CLV as I don't work there, but I am content overall with the pay, benefits, and working conditions. If you have some specific questions post them here and maybe I or someone else can answer them.
Thank you Washboard for the feedback, I think that's great that you are content working with Pitt-Ohio. According to what I've read about the position, it seems like it would be a good place to get going. I have a some more questions. It looks like there may be a lot of PA freight, but I understand that their freight customer base is expanding.
*Are the runs usually laydowns, or turns?
*Does dispatch offer you a choice of runs during your call, or are you assigned to where the greatest need is?
*How long do you have to work there before you can bid on a run?

Thanks again for the feedback, I am seriously looking into signing on. I have worked in ltl for CF, and some other package companies in the past. I am attempting to find a good fit, and a place where I can stay on for awhile. Not to go negative, but it seems like alot of places out there where I have worked are expecting the drivers to be some type of robot, working alot of long hours all night for little pay, and not getting the respect we deserve. I could cry about this, but instead of doing that its best to 'manup' and at least attempt to find a good fit.


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Sorry for the delay, I don't get on here everyday.

There are no layovers. You will either go out and back or be routed through another terminal on your way home. At certain terminals, you may be required to work the dock while waiting on freight. Pitt Ohio will pay the mileage and drop and hook for those intermediate stops on the way home, but if it's just a matter of pulling freight off your trailer and staying hooked, you will only get mileage unless you work the dock. All drops and hooks, including initial hook and final drop at your home terminal, are paid at $9.50 each.

Run assignments are based on "picks", your seniority, and the need. Every 6 months you will fill out a sheet with a list of runs from your terminal and you number them in order of your preference. Being low in seniority, your picks will play a small part in what run you get for the night, but short runs can easily turn into long runs by being sent further out when from another terminal. That's how I make money at the bottom.

I work an average of about 47 hours a week and will gross about $65k this year. I know there are guys on here that would laugh at that, but I'm at the bottom of seniority and I really don't work very hard. It suits me fine.


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I work an average of about 47 hours a week and will gross about $65k this year. I know there are guys on here that would laugh at that, but I'm at the bottom of seniority and I really don't work very hard. It suits me fine.

Thats nothing to laugh at driver.
Great, thanks for the info. I am not laughing at you. Sounds like a good position to be in, and it's good that you have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!:couch:


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Thats nothing to laugh at driver.

I'm fine with it. I see drivers on here making 90-100k but working 60-70 hours to do so. That's not for me, I have a work to live mindset. I also don't stress over how much I could be making if I had more seniority. I'm 50 years old and at the bottom of a 21 man linehaul roster where the average age is about...50. I'll never see the top but will be perfectly satisfied with gaining a few spots as time goes on.

This week I had a 2 perfect examples of the potential for miles as the low man.

Tuesday my run was Cumberland, MD. Most of the time it's a 270 mile turn with 2-3 hours on the dock. I arrived at CMB and waited 10 minutes for a relay to Baltimore. Ended the night with 543 miles and 4 drop & hooks.

I also had two Columbus runs this week. Wednesday I arrived, worked the dock for 2 hours and returned home for 332 miles and 3 d/h plus dock time.

Thursday I run COL again and immediately grab a trailer for Cleveland. CLV sent me to Pittsburgh and then home from there. Same COL run, but this time for 475 miles and 5 d/h's. As they say in the stock market, "past performance is no guarantee of future results" and I certainly don't have this kind of luck every week, but it happens enough to keep me interested.

Of course not all terminals are the same so you would have ask a CLV driver for specifics on what to expect, but I would think there is some decent potential there.

I just got the call. It's Friday night and I'm going to Cumberland. Coming straight back would be okay by me!