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I'm curious to know a few things about R & L . Unfortunately , the old postings were all
wiped out .
How's the equipment ? How is the Linehaul Structure ? Bids ? How long are you out
at a time ? Pay ? Do you have to SPELL correctly ?
These guys are doin lots of advertising lately . Any info would be most appreciated !:)

Err . . . I meant LINEHAUL !
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you got just about the same questions i do............i did line haul for another LTL carrier.........i liked line haul too in fact.......night time driving is for me............hopefully, someone will respond.
If you want information off the old forum, just go to the top of the page and click on Old Forum. The old TB pages will pop up. TP
yeah thanks.........i just tried that, but in about 20 seconds, it kicks me back to this new site...........
What's it like working for R & L

Apparently this company probably isn't the best --- I can tel by all of the MANY responses to this thread ! !:1904:
Sorry there CHET but after the move to the new forums a lot of the R+L people haven't made it over yet.I cant tell you about the Midwest.R+L is not the greatest right now.It used to be a good company to work for but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone anymore.
What it's like working for R & L

I understand . I just realized that the old forum is gone . Most trucking companies are having a rough time these days . I have noticed that R & L seems to be advertising quite a bit for drivers , and they just opened a terminal in Markham ,IL (Chicago Area) recently . I'm not sure if they just moved , or opened a new terminal . When I used to work city P&D , my area R & L guys were pretty well paid , but more recently I've been hearing of some pretty unhappy drivers in various locations !
I run linehaul it gets the bills paid but as a new hire ask plenty of questions if offered a combo position ask about the pay differance combo's get less pay just ask questions
ditto what shadowr434 said. I think the company is going thru a very painfull transtion period. Hopefully, they will be another reorganization at corp very soon. Larry Jr, where are you!?!?!
I'm pretty sure the new terminal in Markham, IL is just linehaul. City operation is still at same location.
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