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That happens every once in a while. I had YRC freight in a Fed Ex Freight 28 ft pup-trailer before too. I usually made up a story on the CB radio, saying that the Fed Ex Driver didn't pay his union dues, so I took it upon myself to steal his load when he was in a service plaza. Sure made a lot of the Fed Ex Freight drivers all ticked off that day, on the Ohio Turn Pike when I was pulling triples. They had a hard time taking that joke. :biglaugh:

I seen this photo posted by an ABF driver from his cell phone on the
about 9 months ago​
Just moving trailer for ABF. Loaded with YRC freight. When unloaded at terminal, ABF will pick up empty trailer. We do this foralot of companies.
Years back, yellow had an account to transport new trailers for wabash. One night someone snapped a few polaroids of the current international vice presidents son unloading a non-union trailer :nono:(father and son are both named brad). It was all in good fun. :thumbsup:
[quote author=Jeff link=topic=79170.msg821231#msg821231 date=1271108329]

[/quote]Looks like a Con-way driver trying to cause trouble, driving a Sterling tractor, took that picture at the 108 mile marker on the I-80/I-90 Indiana Toll Road. Look on the trucks side mirrors of how the picture was taken. See the light blue stripe on the bottom of trailer in the truck mirror.

Oh, how I miss those days of talking like a foreigner asking for a job, to the Con-way drivers on the CB radio.
I used to say to those Con-way drivers on the CB.............(Thank you Con-way for staying non-union, because the union people are the only people who won't give me or my brother Oknod a job in America. So since Con-way is non-union, they are in favor for NAFTA. Say it with me, NAFTA! NAFTA! NAFTA!) Usually those Con-way drivers were going ape- ::shit:: over it, at the time. I miss the good old days.
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