Wheeling W.VA., Semi lost set of duals,crushing a car in oncoming I-470.

I have seen this happen before with no injuries. It was a Mexican truck going west on I-90 (Pa) past the T/A (exit 35).... I was in my car at night... the truck I was passing had a wheel bearing on fire on the trailer... I flashed my lights to get his attention... nothing. I passed him and pointed for him to stop... nothing. :chairshot: The set of tires came off.... luckily they did not hit anyone. I figured the truck would stop.....nope!!!! :chairshot: I decided to follow him and call the police. I was going to stop with the cop but didn't. I told 911 if they needed more info to contact me. This guy was lucky no one got hurt. :nono:
Thats a big 10-4 Stimpy my friend.
Those tires are heavy enough,but add on the rims,and everything else you got a bomb without the explosives.

So very important to do a complete pre-trip,because the bottom line is drivers are going to take the blame for flying wheels.
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