When are we going to grow up?


I realize its great to vent our feelings. IMO would it not be better to think about this for a day or two before speaking out to the world what is instore for YRCW and the IBT. Not to speak of all the NON Unions that come here to see whats up.
What I'm saying is don't make us out to be fools in front of everyone.
Talk to your Brothers and Sisters. Go to the meeting ask your question there. If you can't make the meeting find someone who is going have them ask for you.Call you BA or stewart. Take some of the talk to a PM.
IMO it would be wise to start networks of PMs instead of posting everything here in the open forum.
Can we trust YRCW or the IBT? I think not. Look at how they have in the past told us one thing only to vote it in and it becomes something worthless, Might I say stock oppions or what ever you call them. How about Utility? They want to change work rules that have taken years to get, Do you want to through it away.
Hay I want my job to be better. I want to have a place to work. Yes I want the shareholder to make money. But not my money.
If you really want to work on these people remember the walls have eyes.
That just my 2 cents.