Yellow | Where will.........


TB Lurker
All the tm's, astm's, dm's, sup's, cfo's, ceo, ect.. going to get job's? ( please forgive me, it is a career) paying what they make now? ( we don't know that sacrifice is do we? )
Momma gonna eat thier young? Job market is full, that is why it has taken so long for the few to leave.
Will closing solve that and open many more high paying jobs? I bet not.
The tonnage cannot be handled either by all other's combined.
They are doing us with our pants on and your eyes wide open.

Wake up. they will never close the door on this cash cow.
Everyone is making money off the guys/gals that actually do the work.
Insult me as non skilled labor, while you look at a screen all day checking out ESPN?
Does that take talent?