Where'd the screen go?

it will clear out soon the code is gone
Jeff, even when I scroll down, the large blue banner section up top with the large ad takes up 1/3 of the screen area. It was never like this before.
PS - Not complaining, just pointing out how it appears now, just to be clear.

no problems for ad free users
And it's inexpensive as less as $1 to $50 for a FULL YEAR , that's 365 days of bagging off 24/7 here on TB , also everything between guys . We use the money to keep the squirrels feed in the basement (IT) room @ TB Corp . I'm tired of picking up acorns and going next door to Jeff's . He makes me drink moonshine whiskey then Mrs. Smokestack has to get the truck and tow strap and drag me back up the driveway .

May I add that's a acorn mash moonshine :duh:
I did not even tell you the part about cleaning the squirrel cages and then how I have to talk nice to them and scratch their heads and tummies , little kisses on them cold wet noses telling them how Jeff and I love them , thank the Good Lord the Mods come over to help or I'd BE IN THE NUT HOUSE !
Well Dave I got a nice cot from OS&D and snuggle up with my (our) squirrels down in IT if Mrs. Smokestack has Gerrard and the grandchildren I'm too much for her to watch at one time Brother .
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