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I heard a steward was terminated the other day after being out on medical leave . He had a doctors excuse and was given a start time to return. Don't exactly know how it went sideways from there but it sounds as if the company is trying to deep pocket.( economic blackmail) their way out again. If anybody knows more share . These guys don't seem to have any moral values at all. I just don't understand. Being fair seems so much easier.
The Local is working on getting him reinstated.

I not sure if what I know is the gospel truth but JOak sent him up for a re-cert of his medical card, which is perfectly legal. Apparently he argued the issue that he should be paid for time spent and the said no. How it went from there one can pretty well guess.

JOak likes to send everyone to get a re-cert every time they have been off on medical. So what? It is there money and if the want to waste it let 'em. Now if you have ever been to the "clinic" at Jubitz it explains why the Feds mandated the certified medical examiner laws.

The other reason is that it gives them back door access to your medical records as for the past few years they have been requiring a copy of the long form. Not hard to figure out. They are self insured. Even though there is legal requirement for a firewall between the company and the medical records you can bet that David gets his hands on them.

Driver is off on medical so they know who it is. Get info from provider and bill statement from insurer. Now they know why. Send driver in for re-cert, now they see why. Check terminal records to see who was off in same time period. Hmm, Mr .A has xyz disease and pulled his back horsing a dolly and freight around and going to cost David some money. Oh he is a Union member and shop stew. Let's figure out how to get rid of him.

Hi David. Try not to choke on your turkey.