Yellow | Where's the "PROOF" the Banks said No ????


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Ok Mr. Welch , show us the "PROOF" the banks said NO ??? something in writing or better yet have the BANKS & YRC & UNION , set down at the same table together , and talk this out and have YRC show the BANKS & UNION where this next $ 3 billion plus over 5 :regretful:years is going to be spend on DEBT ???? something WRONG here , waited till last minute to ask for this and NO proof banks said No and plus was the BANKS on board with that ABF buyout/merger offer a few months ago ??? MR. Welch you say you are smarter than Zollars IF so then WHY did'nt you start this a few months ago ??? as you KNEW when the payment dates were due ???
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Why would the union have to sit down with the banks? Don't we have two seats on the board? Where is their imput into this discussion? Lots of questions no answers other than vote yes or we'll close. Sounds like the last time they came for givebacks, remember how tj came and was vocal and threating that they needed 10 % giveback, just before Christmas? Same tactics , same war cry.