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White Americans could flee to Siberia – top Russian MP


Its not so bad.

Its a possibility. Peace and quiet. With a good .30ought 6 for the bears or wolves etc.

Normally I would laugh off Russia and forget the idea as a American Patriot. However when America deliberately turns woke and festers in a thousand camel fleas as it dies as a nation then Russia might just offer good old fashioned living for the asking. Along with everything you cannot get here in America anymore.

We can change that overnight by eradicating all the enemies of America. And righting the ship of state so to speak and getting back to being Americans again.

Imagine the howls of a million who just got shipped back south of the border.


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
This will set off alarm bells. I saw somebody post this elsewhere on the link.....but it might be real.

"Intel: Something serious is going on in Sweden
here is an overview of what appears to be happening (dates included).

January 13: Sweden unexpectedly raises the alert level for troops on Gotland, citing "unspecified threats". The same day, there is an explosion at a powerplant in the town of Kolbäck. Police call it "attempted sabotage".

January 14: An unusually large number of Russian amphibious units (reportedly fully loaded) are spotted in the Baltic Sea (close to Sweden). The same day, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg admits to reporters that talks are underway for Sweden to join NATO.

January 15: A military deployment arrives in Gotland, with troops and tanks patrolling the streets. Officials keeping very quiet as to what exactly is going on.

Going by Russia's force deployments, both along the Ukraine border and the Baltic Sea, it appears Moscow may be preparing for a two-front war - simultaneously against Ukraine and Sweden.

As early as yesterday, Putin said the acceptance of any more nations into the NATO alliance would "cross all of Russia's red lines", and he seems to be serious.

Russia may invade Sweden, Ukraine (and possibly the rest of Georgia) as a pre-emptive national security measure to ensure that they don't join NATO."