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This is the biggest question in this whole case. Per the 911 dispatch the officer were dispatched for a "Check the Welfare" or "Well Check". Per my friend that is a 911 dispatcher tells me all the officer does is go knock on the door and look around the property. They can not force open the door. So who opened the door? If you listen to the 2 videos I'll post below. You can draw to a conclusion that there was a 3rd person there, since when the door was open both Paul and Dave D were fight over the hammer. So why are the not releasing the body cam video.
There was also someone in his car when he got his DWI, but this was sweep under the rug. It also took over 2 months for the DUI footage to be released.
So I guess we are just to believe the **** they are spewing without seeing the video.
Also in the F**K charges there cellphone in the bathroom????


Who opened the door? Sounds like Paul was having a threesome. You can't have two men fighting over possession of a hammer and someone else opening the door for the police if there isn't at least three people in the house.
Sounds like Paul was having a gay orgy and things got out of control.
I’ll bet there’s going to be a prob movie released soon……
“hammer play”


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Here’s my question. If they have a elevator in their house, you know that they have cameras all over the place inside and outside. Their latest comment was “No one was monitoring the cameras.” Bullcrap, they don’t have to, ask for the past 24 hours of video feed. Motion detectors, crap my house had them installed when it was built and a alarm system. If a truck driver has security, wouldn’t Piglosi have security that we would never be able to afford.

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Since the Democrats were the big advocates for police wearing body cameras, why won't they let the public see the police body camera footage?

My guess is that the footage would show the American people what was really going on.
With the Democrat party, you can always expect sleaze and deception. They are frauds and their cult followers should be ashamed of themselves.


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Paul Pelosi attack body camera footage to be released following court order.
We will see what is released but we might get to the “bottom” of this
It is funny how these libs push so hard for body cams and when there the star they fight even harder not to have it released


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