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I think it's all going to have wait until the next contract. Hawkins really needs an assistant who understands the contract his company agreed to and advise him on it. "No, you can't do that." It would have saved him a lot time since he's been planning this since 2019.
Dan Schmidt was there the whole time. but he was NP VP of labor . Put him in a box and don't bother asking him for his input. He has more knowledge in his pinky then all YRC management put together.Worked with some of the strongest locals in the NE, very fair man.
Great guy….his dad worked for CF was in my peddle area years ago
Strict classifications will go away. They can be modified or Yellow will go away. I don't understand the problem. Yellow will pay for every hour worked. Nobody is asking you to work for nothing. Some jobs will probably be lost but Yellow can no longer be expected to pay unproductive wait time.
they got concessions 15 years ago ... look where they are at now
I say the IBT isn't stupid ... with this current COO proposal it is a no-brainer that they will fold quickly
you are on the wrong side of the fence
The problem they have with profitability isn’t job classifications it’s the way they operate. We gave them the classifications and more flexibility that they asked for in the last contract.

New Penn is the smaller of all the Yellow companies, They moved it from linehaul to a velocity system that is horrendous. Freight arrives from a velocity center an hour and a half away at 10:00 to 11:00 in the morning while dock guys and peddle drivers sit and wait for it because the utility drivers are working the dock at the velocity center for 6 or 7 hours before returning to their terminals. Managment has no idea what is even on those trailers till their being stripped. Peddle runs are thrown together as freight gets stripped. This isn’t a hard business you pick it up point A and deliver at point B and you get paid.
they bought the two best regional carriers in the business and destroyed them now want to create one big one.

If they can’t run their velocity system right at small little New Penn in one little corner of the country how could anyone expect them to run that system across the entire country ?
If what you are saying is correct, oh boy! Every company with a computer now knows when they pick a shipment up, the way it will be routed and the delivery date. Every terminal knows at least a day, if not 2 days in advance what freight will be hitting their dock. If YRC is that far behind they shouldn't be in business. Kills me to say that. I'm a dinosaur guy, but even I can see that.
Hawkins & Crew will keep using PT and merging Holland New Penn and Yellow in the Midwest and NE and Southeast. They know the Union will not agree to what they are doing they will keep moving forward with the "One Yellow" initiative. What can the Union do????? Strike?????????? That will play right into his hands that the Union shut Yellow down. Darren has the upper hand here and he knows it.
That’s what I told some guys. Teamsters need to buy some newspaper space and let the country know.
Nobody is going to buy 1.6 billion dollars of debt.
There is no blinking to be done.
Yellow will either get the same labor flexibility as FedEx or they will close. Labor is the only controllable expense in service related industries. Strict work classifications must go away.
If we’re lucky, we will be bought out of bankruptcy
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