Whole Foods Must Allow Employees to Have (Certain) Political Messages on Masks


TB Legend

NLRB accuses Whole Foods of violating workers’ rights. Jennifer Abruzzo, appointed by Biden as the board‘s general counsel, is insisting that Whole Foods allow its employees to display political messages as part of their uniform. Apparently, in Biden’s America, the federal government dictates dress codes for private businesses. Abruzzo argues that the denial of wearing BLM face masks is violating the First Amendment rights of workers.

When did Whole Foods become the government
The Bill of Rights protects the citizen from the GOVERNMENT silencing speech
if the employer says you cant wear that, then you cant wear that

Im sure if an entire Whole Foods was full of Lets Go Brandon and FJB masks and Whole Foods said "you cant wear that"
The NJRB would argue the employer has the right to determine the workers dress code