who's to blame ... does it matter?


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My My, what a pickle we are in. This is a tough decision for me, I can take the hit with the company going down but many of my friends cannot.
That is something that I must think about if I didn’t I wouldn’t be much of a friend.
My first reaction is HELL NO let them do what they must, But I’m gambling with not just me and my family!
Lets not forget the motel staff that cleans our room and the outside vendors that sometimes fix our trucks because management will not let our mechanics this is just to name a few.
I get angry when I thing of all the times I tried to get people to go to the hall for our meetings and they didn’t have time. Now I think of all the times that I could have gone and didn’t . Lets not forget that all the time we said that we were going to write or call our senators and never did, I bet we all wish we would have done more maybe we could have changed a law or a rule at work.
Is dollar bill as dumb as we think or did he play us like a drum (just keep beating they’ll play)
Point is we ALL could have done something to prevent this. Maybe now we will find the time to get more involved with our union and government ( what ever the outcome). GOD SAVE US ALL…


Same **** spewed from our ba's mouth the other day, "before you vote NO think about all the vendors you'll be putting out of work", what a load of ********!!!