Why so quite Fab 4?


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All your pre game speculations didn't pan out? Only a matter of time before they are voted in!!!
30%? Really did you think we would go to war with that number ??
Only way this is still on going is because you and your mgmnt flunkys
Changed the payroll numbers for dedicated drivers! 107 on Christmas Sounds good to us!!!
Who's hiding ??? Let me educate you a little bit short fry. This is the way it's gonna go down.

Right now as it stands the union lost ,,,, you need 50% + 1 and you didn't get that.

So let's talk about the 16 challenged votes that a judge will have to decide what to do with them after hearing from both lawyers, THE UNION only wanted local drivers and had to AGREE on the master list WHICH THEY DID. so what am I missing here.

Chris agreed to the master list of voters we tied you lose period. The only winners in this game is the lawyers they will pile up the billable hours on both sides,,,,,, man get a clue you tied and you lost this is not the NHL no shoot outs or over time you lost !
This should have been a land slide ... By the way, the Union will be a blessing for T O ... Now the driver will have someone to defend them and T O knows this . ... Safety first !! not just take that load anymore .. YES ?
Dude what are you smoking ? Everyone knows , stop being a:crybaby: the union is going to win .. NCT knows ! They are just waisting time and checking in at the bank ? Yes darksky whats your deal man ? That reminds me um winning the lottery tonight also ... Hey darksky are you waiting for your load ? Thats right you got it last night 94 to 94 plus 1 for yes !
once again horribly wrong, not surprised lol, please continue to put your crap on here, dont care, 94-94 = no majority, say hello to the pirate for us
Knew I could stir the pot with this thread. I tell you darksky for being a so called driver you have a lot of inside info.
We will see once they open some envelopes...
doubtful any more votes will come to pass, NLRB has a history of letting the votes stand, especially since the driver pool and the challanges do not match up

thats what im hearing
Drivefor Free, love the serenity. You're correct the contested votes were by management. I was told they were all yes votes. That dedicated BS won't fly in court cause they are still classified as local drivers. I believe we have won the battle and the war!!!!
Darksky needs to chill.... contested ballots were from the company not the union. They did agree to the roster, which was forwarded to the union. The problem arose when names mysteriously appeared on the list the day of the vote. The drivers that were on comp and disability are still LEGALLY EMPLOYED by NCT. That being said it's just a formality because a spade is a spade..and yes I just went there!!!!! No racial intention just coining a phrase fellas. So Mr. Darksky, what do you have to say for yourself, MR. " I was a teamster for 15 years". Nice try I'm not buying into that BS. ONCE A TEAMSTER ALWAYS A TEAMSTER AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!!!!! Management posing as a driver.... we figured you out ROID BOY!!!!!!!
darksky,Maybe you haven't heard,1 Driver for sure is a local,takes out a peddle load almost every day and don't drive no more than 25 mi. to his 1st stop and did not even know NCT even changed him to a so called dedicated driver not to mention the other drivers which are mostly YES for the union and by the way the real NHL does not exist anymore ,like back in the 2 division days E and W.So sorry to tell you darksky the Sky is falling on you Non-Union :crybaby:
Oh where oh where did my DarkSky go, oh where oh where can he Be!!!!!! Come out come out wherever you are...... Can't be under the desk, MM is no longer there.....
(Friendly Reminder)OK guys lets not get to excited on here. Don't let the language and personal name calling get any worse, i am helping A9fan watch this thread.Blow off steam but keep it within the TB rules. (Friendly Reminder)
<sighs> gentleman I am here & I had to take a lil nap tough night. So let's answer some questions.

1. Yes I think the NHL sucks the way it is but it's all about the cash !!
2. I was a teamster for 15 years another yes. I drive that's what I do.
3. I don't hate the teamsters per say. In my 15 years of being a teamster I saw some really crooked crap go down ad I will just leave it at that.
4. A union won't work with this NCT. We do to many things that are CUSTOMER FRIENDLY FOR THE CUSTOMER GET IT you know the people who make it possible for all us to get PAID!!

5. The vote was 94-94 with 16 contested votes of voters who were not on the list that was agreed to by the union. So tell me what judge in America will let them be counted please educate me. If the UNION & the company agree on a master list of drivers then who were the 16 ? Road ,, regional,, union plants WHO KNOWS because I don't know , I just know what I was told ,,,,the union agreed to the list as well as NCT

6. 94-94 = a loss for the teamsters you need the + 1 my friends.
7. Thank you big bird it's all good I have pretty thick skin.

You boys feel better now ? It's time to move on with your life it's out of our hands.
and there he is, point proven, get off the high horse union folks its not in your control now, up to a wonderful court judge down the road...