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Politics | Why We'll End Up Eating Bugs


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
This is where those who think they are God are taking us.
It's from January.

Enough to make you wanna crack their skulls.
Eat bugs instead of steak.

Because these elites are too damned cheap and dent dimes pinching them. They won't let go.

They want the world so we all must confirm.



US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
I should provide links but will tell you that Bill Gates is trying really hard to replace meat with his fake meat products. He also has a store chain with electric car deliveries which sells what the World Economic Forum wants to sell.
It is called Picnic.

The Netherlands is where they imposed a law requiring farmers to cut livestock amounts by 30%
The prime minister of Netherlands is named Rutt or something. He is a bigshot at the WEF.
If farmers don't confirm, farms will be seized.
They burned at least one Picnic store in Netherlands.

Netherlands is one of the worlds top agriculture exporters.
Ukraine is big also.

They burn food places here.
Canada might be imposing something on farmers soon if not already.

The war will also cause problems in Ukraine s exports.

The Holidimor was in Ukraine....not long before ಠ▄ಠ came to power. The Soviet Communist Jews may have starved up to 25 million Ukrainians to death.
Somewhere between 5 million and 25 million.
Something to do with the wheat. Maybe destroying it intentionally.
Early 1930's.

So you know a little more about the why's of what Germany did.....they knew what went on around them. And knew who the communists were. And knew they were murderers. It is who defeated him. And who got half of Germany when done.

Anyways....this World Economic Forum appears to be on the move quickly
Meal worms and crickets are something they want us eating instead of beef.

Another part of the Ukrainian Holidimor thing was the people were starving to death and began eating people. Cannibalism.
The NYT just had something asking if it's the right time to try cannabalism......crazy world.
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US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
Also...not to be found on Google search is something else I saw yesterday.
Devonport ANZ which I think is New Zealand......no more cash.
Something is going on there where there is or will no longer be cash.

No cash.
No food.
No guns.
No governments to be trusted.
We are in strange times.

These WEF people are sick crackpots.


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
Australia...who already gave up there guns and were pushed around heavily under Covid.......destroying food supplies will drive up prices ...Ukraine...Netherlands....burning food processors here......and force us to buy the plant and insect based fake meats and stop the farming of beef and pork and poultry eventually.

It might seem fat off but is not.
The spoiled brats want the world and want it now.
Gates and China have been buying up farms and pork and the aim is control.

Food supply will become emergency..under the guide of climate change laws.
The WEF will not be included in the "own nothing's".
They will own everything.
Cash will become useless and money can easily be controlled digitally.


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
Great...Look who Biden put in charge of food security and agriculture:

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