Estes | Work Slowing ?

It must be different at different terminals. Heard Knoxville drivers have been getting runs cut pretty consistently because of low freight. Driver said one day 6 runs were cut.
Anyone else all of a sudden notice a rapid fall off of freight? Down in the SE it seems super slow.
Yes. Several drivers are getting cut daily. Have seen runs get cut and they send the driver somewhere else other than their normal run. Some are getting called before they come in and told just to stay home. Some only getting a couple days a week.
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Every extraboard I talked to this week in the southeast has been pulling around empties all week. Looks like it would have been cheaper to pay guys to stay home or at the hotel.
Surprisingly I’ve only run about 280 miles empty this week. 100 to get to my first load, and then 180 from Knoxville back to Nashville. Rest of the time it’s been heavy vans, and 2 heavy sets last night.