Yellow | Working overtime may harm the heart, study says

Makes sence to me. Put in a 14 hour day doing turns. Then gotta get home, unwind and get to bed at like 8am. Just to wait for a call to get back at it in 10 hours.
all depend how you spend your time off!! they say being president is stressfull
you just have to have some ME TIME every now and then

[quote author=Northern Flash link=topic=80115.msg829702#msg829702 date=1273838550]
Now that's good exercise for the ol' ticker!
[/quote]Sure it is, it is just as good as taking an Omega-3 pill. Omega-3 are fish oils, and it doesn't matter if someone eats white fish, or takes the 1000mg of Omega-3 pill.

However, in the picture, it didn't look like G.W. wanted to take the Omega-3 pill. :biglaugh:
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