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    I'm ok with people trying to support their old friends and/or coaches. But, support them privately, and don't make an ass out of yourself with stupid comments like Franco did. Franco will damage his own legacy with stupid comments like this. Geez.
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    I think he feels like he owes JoePa a lot, and probably does...I don't think Franco had many offers from Div I schools, if I remember...I would have to check to make sure...He's angry... He's angry at the coaches..He's angry at Sandusky...He's angry at folks blaming JoePa...Sometimes people say bad things out of anger...I think once all this passes, Franco will be pleased at what JoePa did for college football...But I really don't think he or Blackledge or Millen will let this die with the people on the board...They are out for blood, and to preserve JoePa'a legacy...I support them in their cause...Someone needs to pay..And the ones that let this continue or allow it to be swept under the rug, should pay dearly...

    R.I.P Coach....You will be remembered as an ambassador to game of college football, that we all love...

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