I know a driver with that many miles of safe driving. I asked him "how did you do it" and his reply was "I was just lucky". He of course was just being modest, it is more than just luck. Those million milers and 2 million milers are true professionals.
Hubby has the million mile patch and I proudly take care of the shirts that have the patch on them. :kicking: Relieves some of the stress I'm under while he's out there fighting idiots, storms, tornados and icy conditions, knowing he's a safe driver.

I know, that doesn't mean he can't have an accident but anything to help, I hang on to. :thumbsup:
We've definitely got a lot of drivers here who know what they're doing behind the wheel here - 1500 million milers and 100 2 miliion milers is pretty impressive to me.

Thanks Paul and congratulations!!
I am a little late outta the gate on this one.

But congratulations Paul...

A milestone not easily accomplished.

God Bless!!!...and keep up the good work!

[quote author=jkmo link=topic=79549.msg826841#msg826841 date=1272941859]
His name isnt Paul it is Bobby. Paul was the post.

My Bad!...

Good job, BOBBY!

:chairshot: Somebody's bad, not mine. :biglaugh:

Any way, GREAT job Bobby? :poke:

Keep up the good work!

Paul? Really wonderring? :nono:
[quote author=wonderring99 link=topic=79549.msg826850#msg826850 date=1272945296]
I wonder where in the hell I came up with Paul ... :chairshot:

This is what happens when you drink the 'non-approved' Kool-Aid!!!!...stick with the blue and all will be OK!!!!

:biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh:

[quote author=wonderring99 link=topic=79549.msg828216#msg828216 date=1273375755]


FWIW...there will be an app on the handhelds whereas you will be able to 'scan' any drinks...to determine approval. (Its a Google app I think.)

This will tell you immediately if the drink is a sanctioned and allowed beverage...I know the blue Gatorade is on there as we as the blue Kool-Aid...more to be added later.

If your chosen beverage is non-approved then don't swallow!

"Swallowing" is only permitted by company approval.

[quote author=beingpissed on link=topic=79549.msg828605#msg828605 date=1273507979]
do not even want to know my feeling on the subject... lets just drive the trucks

[/quote]Maybe I do want to know what your feeling is. Bitter pill there some where? :poke:
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