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I didn't see a Bill Z on that cake!!! :stir:
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I didn't see a Bill Z on that cake!!! :stir:

I invited Bill Z and Jimmy H but they were doing salvage work.
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Shhhhh. If we sneak up on I S really quite,I'll grab him , you guys put the coat on him. :chairshot: :thumbsup:
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Ha! That's funny, since the merge we're all outa our minds!

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[/quote]No one is losing their minds in Chicago. Chicago has the best and the most laid back management in the fleet.

They always award drivers time off when requested, even on a weekend.

They always let drivers take their vacation freely, never have to ask if it is OK.

Give safety call block slides, especially when drivers are fatigued waiting for a dispatch.

Give drivers plenty of choices of dispatches.

Mgt. lets drivers choose their tractors, never force drivers to drive equipment that is written up.

They always talk to their drivers with respect, and not like a little kid.

Never try to force anyone out, low on hours available.

Earned time gets entered in the computer, without arguing with a driver.

The driver foremen never challenge a driver's decision on safety,

Driver foremen never call drivers to go into the office to get reprimanded on anything, ever. They never have anything negative to say, always positive.

Dispatch never gets upset if drivers take their break or show up with a load, from a half hour to an hour longer than what everyone else does the run in.

They never call a driver 15 minutes before or after a call block, they work strictly to the work rules that were agreed upon before the merger.

Drivers never have to wait on the phone for very long when picking up or dropping off trailers at any of the the X-50's or the M04.

There is no such thing as favoritism for certain drivers, never any run-arounds, everyone is always dispatched in seniority order.

The only time management hands out letters to drivers, is when drivers drive over their 11 or 14 hrs of service, especially if drivers forge their logs to make illegal dispatches, look legal.

These are reasons why drivers aren't filing grievances anymore. Nothing but a clean and healthy work environment. :biglaugh:


[/quote]I thought you would agree with me on this one, Pilot108. :biglaugh:
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When you request to join that Yellow Freight one there's no place to tell who you are! I requested but I doubt I'll get in, and I worked for YFS for 24 years!
[/quote]The good old days, before slavery.
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