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We had 3 or 4 supervisors leave in the 18 months. Nice to see the TM putting in over 12 hrs on certain days. That never happened years ago.
I put in 12 plus a day, and am a driver and a supervisor…
Had a guy stop in today from corporate (NorthEast). Phase 1 will kick off in Sept/Oct. Phase 2 by the end of the year. They are working on re-zoning areas from terminal to terminal as well as closing and merging. He couldn't get into specifics but think of it as the ol' Yellow Roadway merger. Don't worry we'll get a few cents in October to ease the pain. : )


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Not sure of the total, but YRC has 4 barns, Holland 3. They both occupy Wheeling terminal.
It will be like Yellow & Roadway. They will combine whatever is necessare in cities with overlapping terminals. They will keep 100% of the people for the first year, to get things straightened out. Then, a whirlwind of layoffs will come and 20% to 50% of the workers will be laid off (if freight permits) in every city that combined terminals. That’s how it happened in 2009.
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