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Salt Lake City 881 was at 2000 bills and the city terminal at Reddaway was without freight to deliver.
Never fueled a truck in 27 years Yellow Teamster mechanics had it all covered
Across the street its self serve.
I’m in SLC your talking nonsense. Yeah it’s rough but 5 weeks in starting to roll. Problem was no trucks to move loaded trailers. First 2 weeks an absolute disaster. Seemed to be no one told Tracy, Bloomington, Pico Rivera, Portland we were switching. Still loading trailers to the same old terminals instead of pure new direct terminals.


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Can you imagine, fueling your own truck and getting paid for it? The horror! But I can see why someone would be upset that they could get paid for sitting around while someone else does the work for you.
That’s the whole problem. 5 job’s when you only need 2-3 lol and then the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. Oh I hope the changes gets that lazy **** out of here. We’re here to make money.
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