yippy,paid my home off,however now I can't get homeowners insurance.

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    I was really shocked in my search for another insurance provider after being rejected by Liberty Mutual.
    That so many of the companies had their dangerous dog list.
    That they didn't want to offer homeowners because of that issue.

    I am so re-leaved that Liberty was able to give us a pass,& allow us back.
    Although I've heard that insurance agents make 10 to 15 percent when they sell a policy.
    Maybe the guy my wife talked to was making money off the auto insurance.
    When we agreed to bundling the 2 policies,he was more willing to reinstate our home owners.

    Another reason I give God the credit for solving our problem.
    I really doubt that insurance dude was willing to reinstate us out of the goodness of his heart.
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    maybe for your sake, take LOTS of pictures of your property with the high fencing?

    to give the pictures some validation, have your wife hold up the front page of the newspaper for each shot...MAKE SURE, you also save that newspaper.

    this is what i have had to do a "few times" to prove certain things, like this one time, a drunk walked up the dead end street that borders my property and fell down, just slightly in my yard. i took LOTS of pics with my, "private property NO trespassing signs, KEEP OUT"

    that was like 4 years ago, i still got'em.(nothing ever happened, he most likely never remember where he fell down!!!)

    this newspaper proves when the pics were taken. as anyone can take pics, but have no proof of time, date etc. as ALL cameras, can be "fixed" to show whatever time, date you want. but you cannot disprove the newspaper.

    this way, in the future, should you go thru this again, take the pics AND that newspaper to the local insurance company office, and smash it into the face of the moron that says he does not believe you!
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    WE SAVED MONEY by getting away from geico.
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