ODFL | You did it correct, but now their saying wrong pull?


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Has anyone else noticed either themselves or a co driver that did it by the book so to speak and later your being told you had a wrong pull? I haven't been keeping my trip sheets for a while but here lately seems alot of guys have been gettin told they had a wrong pull. If you have your paperwork to prove it then your good (most of the time). I've been keeping my tripsheets again but just wondering why the driver is the first one they come to so they can prove you were wrong but kinda have a dumb look when you prove you are in the clear. Alright im off the soapbox but just suggesting keep those sheets for a while cause it seems were blamed first and if we cant prove it wrong then its our azz. Happy trucking
I had one last week where My dispatch gave me the trailer paper work. I hooked then was dispatched with a different pup. I caught it before i left the dispatch office (thank God). But I agree keep your paperwork!I also write every trip number down on my logs too. ALWAYS CYA :chairshot:
It is so satisfying to prove them wrong. It is also fun to send a message through the handheld and ask why you were sent a pickup that is 50 plus miles away in another route and they say OOPS. they can keep the ivory tower , i have more fun playing in traffic.
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