SAIA | You'll never see a U-Haul behind a hearse.

Them Damn fish are just plain ugly anyway.

No, not really, THIS is ugly!
For sure, too chicken for tatoos!
Dave has a tattoo of the great state of Texas on his ass. For all of those that don’t know Dave was born in Bowie County Texas and weighed in at 14 pounds which is a record. It’s true look it up. He’s a Texan.
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No. Not a Texan. But I think I saw a David Bowie concert in Bowie County...
And I heard Train has a Stop sign tramp stamp...:438::27:

After Patel Consultants LLC, researched the matter, we find a Texan is only a Mexican with most of the BS
Therefore, Dave is definitely not a Texan.
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