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screwy louiey

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Maybe if they win their fight for survival, they will be around long enough to fight for a better future.
The biggest problem we all face is that as a country, we don't produce anything in the quantity that we did in the past. It was our industrial prowess that put us on the pedestal we once held. That pedestal has been moved to developing countries with cheap labor and insufficient human rights. But this is all good for the corporate world. As long as we continue to pick up finished goods at piers and airports and deliver to destination, while at the same time sending empty containers back overseas, instead of moving goods between suppliers and manufacturers domestically, then we are all doomed to failure.

Well said Brother sad but true


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100% correct. The Teamsters are finished. Sorry but true. The Nons pay as much or more, with more flexability, so not enough more are willing to organize. Without more organizing, the pension fails. Without better paying than nons, or a fantastic pension, there is no reason to join the Union. Like it or not-- keep YRC in Business, or it's the end of the Teamsters. Don't shoot the messenger-- inhale the message. Find a way to keep YRC in business, or it's over for the Teamsters....

The nons won't be paying more much longer if this thing sinks. I think for the first time they all realize it too.
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