Yellow | YRC CEO Confident Teamsters Will Ratify Extension To Contract!

I too am confident it will pass.
Next will be no O.T. til after 60.
Talk to other driver's out there Fex-Ex in my area pays OT after 8 and top rate after 1 year,conway the same for OT.

Ask around come out of your shell and check all your options before you vote.
You may be surprised and if you think they don't hire union members think again I know guys from the Big R that work for both places and they are happy,

They did me a favor when they laid me off in 2009,I pulled a reefer for a while,went to New Penn for a year but after they came with the 25% of the pension I voted NO and left when it passed.
Cause I knew we wont live to fight another day when all the people keep voting yes.

I went to UPSF and so far this is my second year and I have grossed 65,000 already at .50 a mile and 19.35 an HR. I wll be at top rate in 04/2014.
I wont say what that is cause you can find that info yourself.

Good Luck to All.
Thats because its rigged. Just like the last vote. Cause the Teamsters are in bed with YRCW. So it really doesnt matter how we vote. Its a done deal. Hats why they threw that stupid crap in there proposal. They know it will get voted in.

They have to protect their dues money!!
yrc jobs are great when you are making 6-7 figures, i will never get a pension equal to those that retired with the same years i have, never.
Not exactly zero dollars

James L. Welch told DC Velocity that YRC's jobs "pay market competitive wages, provide way-above-market family health care benefits that our employees pay zero dollars for, and offer a pension contribution that is in most cases better than a 401(K) plan." Welch added that YRC jobs "are some of the very best in the industry."

East Bay Drayage Drivers Security Fund:

"Due to the rate increases in health coverage costs administered by the East Bay Drayage H&W Trust and the contribution amounts that the Company is required to make under the Restructuring MOU and the NMFA, it is necessary to begin a payroll deduction to maintain health coverage under this plan"​

The weekly deduction is currently $46.15, or approximately $2400 a year.
And at the end of this contract if passed will be paying 2.37 hr for 40hr per week and thats 94.80 they will deduct from your check plus the 40 dollars tax for obamacare.
Over a 16 month period the monthly deduction increased 234%. With just 2 more increases at that rate it will be $13,000 annually. Who wants to bet that won't happen with a new package of concessions?