Holland | YRC does have a plan B


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Welch is confident Teamsters will ratify new deal, keep YRC rolling - Kansas City Business Journal

According to a quote from the above story, Welch does have a "Plan B" if the new MOU extension/modification is NOT approved...

If the union doesn’t consent, which Welch doesn’t think is likely, the company then will meet with lenders and try and work on “the best possible course for the company.” Welch said YRC is “not even thinking about” bankruptcy.

Welch is telling the media one thing, but telling YRCW Teamster employees something else? Who's zoomin' who?!

This was copied from the YRC thread
I wonder why Welch didn't meet with the lenders and try to figure out the best possible course of action prior to coming to us. I also like to know why the union doesn't insist that he do that as opposed to coming to us first. I'm so disappointed in our union, it just goes to show that the dues are really their only concern. We need to stick together, vote NO and force Welch do explore other avenues.
Welch needs to make his plan B plan A.