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YRC Freight is Hiring Across the Nation!!!

Discussion in 'Driver Recruiting /Advertising' started by YRC Freight, Jun 18, 2014.

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  1. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Nothing wrong with being positive.Actually,its quite refreshing to read positive posts every once in awhile.
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  2. ABFer

    ABFer I live Here

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    Good post. We do get complacent in our positions and the longer we've been there the more that we have given up over the years so it hurts more. It has always been a crappy industry and the union contract and what the wages were made it bearable.
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  3. Prettyricky

    Prettyricky New Member

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    Number one at the expense of there union employees! Top management is filling there pockets and when there full they will break up the company and sell it !

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