Yellow | YRC,Inc. Daily Bill Count"

OK boys,
finally the Bush Tax Cuts were extended,
now we can go to work, bill count will
be going up, up, and away now


1. Capital Investments Write Offs
2. Payroll Tax Cut
3. Business Tax Breaks
Businesses can now deduct 100% of capital investments in the same tax year that they were made. The purpose for this is to spur businesses into making purchases that they have been putting off for years. The result? Expect businesses to engage in a flurry of real estate, equipment, and IT buying in order to take full advantage of this provision. You may also see more startup companies get additional small business capital and funding.

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yrc,12-17...............41,420. Appears seasonal drop in count the closer to X-Mas we get is showing up.Looks to average around a 1000 bill per day drop since Tuesday.Some customers only open 3 days next week.Some 4.
yrc,12-21..........42,805.................the number of times in the last 2 years we have heard the phrase,"it's all part of the comprehensive plan".
44k, Now thats a little better then 41k. Thanks to Big R Guy and Remo for keeping us in the know. Merry Christmas to all...
Too bad we can't get Karl and Chuck back on the street. We could break 50,000 and that doesn't even include FarmKing. LOL
See with the northeast snowed in no freight :)

Sorry, my bad, didn't realize that 30-32,000 bills a day came out of a half dozen northeast states!:biglaugh: PS: Time for you guys in the rest of the country to pick up the pace. East drivers stops per hour must be through the roof!
Corporate called all of the Northern, Midwest states terminals to see if we could go over to the East Coast to deliver their freight for them until the roads got dried off.:stirthepot::biglaugh:
yrc,12-28..........33,818.Blow that out your turbo.

All the women were getting through in their mini-vans! Maybe yrc should convert their tractors to front wheel drive or start hiring all the soccer moms!:biglaugh: