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I agree with you roadkill but, It still didnt stop them from laying off 9 from the dock/yard and one out of the city @ 211(Akron)
im expecting to hear about layoffs at 309 when i go in today its with a repositioning on dock to follow ive been on the same shift for 10 weeks now time for a change
I'm retired so don't have a clue about layoffs. Brooklyn has no one laid off the last I heard.

Retirees have a selfish interest in bill count because it's an indication of an increase in business.

If this outfit goes out, retirees will have their pension cut because the plans will go near insolvency and the PBGC will take over. What is a guy in his late 60s or in his eighties gonna do if his pension gets cut to 1/3 of its former amount?

That said:

I think these are hopeful numbers.

Last week's good showing could possibly be attributed to end-of-month and pre-holiday push by shippers, but this is pretty strong in that there was no large drop-off after those events.
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It seems to have dropped off in Dallas.are they holding freight running it around us..any ideas

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Last week they tried to keep me out even with 43.5 signed. Now since sat. can't get out no freight. Got like this last time they wanted a vote. "you'll vote our way or we'll starve you out".:kickedoutsmile:
I don't know whats going on in Dallas, but I notice that it seems like all the freight we get from Tx. is always past its service date. ?
I don't know whats going on in Dallas, but I notice that it seems like all the freight we get from Tx. is always past its service date. ?

The company is sitting on freight all over the system, the customers are tired of it and finding other carriers to ship with, if this keeps up our bill count should start to drop like a rock
As always Remo thank you for keeping all of up to date !! This thread is for BILL COUNT only let's not go off topic on this thread ! Thanks R-14Driver
an average of 45,000 highly discounted bills that can't produce a profit and unaffordable to even service

and they want a $350M concession to subsidize the pension

oh no! this is getting really bad
Just a reminder as to why this bill count is sooooo important. The stewards should be keeping track of their worksites that were a PLUS in this last change of operations are keeping track of the numbers too....because the company GUARARNTEED work for those terminals at an average of 41,500 bills a day. What ever your seniority count was at the COO and what ever people your GAINED come under this......file the Article 8 to get payroll information for the bottom 25% that are not laid off and if they are in that number...file for their wages....HOLD THEIR TO THE FIRE!.....KK
at 309 they aren't calling as many dockmen this week claiming it is slower than normal, but the numbers nationwide seem to be the same as they have been the last several months...
I was just as shocked as you! Will post numbers next week for 16th, 17th and the weekend.I do know around here, where I`m located,a lot of companies are shut down for the end of summer inventory. Lets hope that was all it was. See you next week!:1036316054:
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