Yellow | YRC,Inc. Daily Bill Count"

doesn't seem to me that the bill count has risen much, if any at all on average over the last 12-18 months. what is yrc doing to increase business? I bailed over a year ago, but it seems like the bill count is pretty much the same now as it was it just me?
Can't pick up any more bills .Don't have equipment or people to move more.I know my terminal could pick up more but we don't have tractors,p&d .or road drivers to move it.
They don't want more bills , the plan is to rightsize the company to make a profit at 46,000 bills. The COO was designed to accomplish that.
4-25... W/B talking to anyone who will listen, other than myself.
5-2... eating stale popcorn someone left me on table.
5-4...Man .we need to get someone to get the popcorn machine back operating @ 309 again. That stale crap 2-tone left me sucks! Where is Lenny when we need him.
Will someone PM me in an hour or so? Going to lay down on the couch.
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