Yellow | YRC,Inc. Daily Bill Count"

Remember, I haven't seen it posted but I think we raised our rates 5.9% effective Monday. Customers from what I hear not happy. Expect even worse numbers. nons not due raise rates until Jan. 2011
Looks like billing might have had a problem on the 15th. 37k one day and 50 the next. One of my coworkers told me the computers were down for 4-5 hours, Maybe that had something to do with it...
Thanks for keeping us up to date Remo
I guess I was wrong about rate increase hurting us. My somewhat small terminal went from average 180 bills a night to over 320! Everyone working even retirees no one on layoff in our local.
This week is going to suck, we have a skeleton crew, I know they'll be forcing almost everyday, laid off guys aren't answering their phones, who can blame them?
Monday bill count was much higher than previous weeks! ABF announced a rate hike of 5.9% and Conway and FedEx are going to certain customers and asking for a rate increase. Probably the ones that they gave a big discount to at the end of last year!:1036316054:
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