Yellow | YRC,Inc. Daily Bill Count"

There is a lot of freight out in the district. They are going to move loads and return with loads, no moving of emptys except to customers.
9-8...Trailer roofs replaced this week, 12. Trailer roofs scheduled for replacement, or patched with placards, 2,123. Trailer roofs that had foreign object go through them this week, 0. Leased trailer roofs in system, 691. Fenced trailers with bad roofs, 0. Fenced trailers with good roofs, 956.
9-18... 309 will be training any volunteer employees to become company roofers to save money.
slowwww at the heights real slow cc's 3 days this week company bill count up terminal bill count down strange!!

If other terminals are loading how we are now, then you guys will not see our freight anymore. We now load 347, 875, 813 and 881 terminals direct. All these points use to go to 309.
We were told that management was trying to speed up service times.
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