Yellow | YRC,Inc. Daily Bill Count"

If other terminals are loading how we are now, then you guys will not see our freight anymore. We now load 347, 875, 813 and 881 terminals direct. All these points use to go to 309.
We were told that management was trying to speed up service times.

Location names to go with numbers pretty please?? :smile:
9-29...Rum and coke day in America.
9-30...Same as yesterday.
YRC company bill count screen not up and running for last 8 days. Some kind of upgrade according to my source. Will post all when available. Patience please.
Page still down. Will ask friend @ 309 Monday if able to access in different screen.
Maybe the bill count is so low that the powers that be are keeping it locked up until after 3rd qtr #'s are released
I just spoke with Remo, and as we speak he is helping to put the finishing touches,(on his own time I might add), to the roof of the building that will house the computer network responsible for the bill count. What a guy!
I heard a week ago we had 12-14 drivers, waiting for hours, at the BNSF terminal in L.A. for incorrect computer billing. Only a YRCF problem, as there were no other carriers waiting.
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