Yellow | YRC Intends To Sell Up To 3M Shares Of Stock To Help Pay Off Debts!

see there are other option's besides screwing the drivers again again , plus there is a Plan B , if the SHEEP get balls and vote NO , plus do you think Hoffa is going to give up $1.3 million a month in due's money !! think about it ???Hoffa luvs is due's money !!!
if they couldnt pay off 1.6 billion in debt with the six billion in give backs we have gave them plus all the terminals they have sold and taking our pensions do you think that a million shares of their stock is going do do anything but go in their pockets while it is still worth a little bit.It was the plan to kill the union from the time they bought us.They have nothing but destroyed the teamster truck drivers and Hoffa helped them do it.were driving junk and now they want to get rid of the mecanhics that have been keeping us wired togeather .They arent a trucking company they are a holding company making all they can at our expence and as soon as the last drop of blood is sucked out of us they will bankrupt it and shut it down .why give the theving bastards any more.