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OVERLAND PARK, Kan., April 13 (Reuters) - The sudden departure of YRC Worldwide Inc's (YRCW.O) President Tim Wicks sent the company's shares sharply lower on Tuesday, as analysts viewed the move as a blow to the still-struggling trucking giant and a sign of continuing instability.The company's shares fell more than 9 percent after YRC announced Wicks was resigning after serving as president and chief operating officer for most of the last year, helping navigate the company through several complicated restructuring moves."It is somewhat of a blow to the company," said Longbow Research trucking industry analyst Lee Klaskow. "He was instrumental in helping the company through its restructuring."......................
How do you really know he resigned?you know a little about how the stock price is manipulated.the stock we received wasn't given to us because yrc felt some love for all of us.actually its a thorn in their they dont want the price to rise too fast.might raise some red flags.but most companies do play their own stock priced
The rats swim off the ship just before the last of the deck goes under the water...

We are so screwed. Oh well, I voted NO! Too hell with these greed-bags.
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UPDATE : Maybe just maybe this is why he left to go back to his old employer !

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There paying money like that out and his going to be a big wig there also , why wouldn't he leave YRCW !
Just leave the top executives out of YRC alone already. Their doing what they can do just to keep the doors open so people can still collect a paycheck. $ Bill is smart. He got everyone to trust him so he can protect his income. Who gives a ::shit:: about job security, when people should be worried about financial security. Blame the people who voted Yes, because they allowed for more of this abuse to continue.
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