Yellow | Yrcw Stock Update

I can't believe some dimwits actually bought enough to push the price up today to 5.4 cents pre r/s. Did go down a bit in a/h. Just the normal pre-release jitters like always.
They are still trying to do a pump and dump. You can still make money if you buy low and sell high, if your timing is off you lose. I bought some at $1.74 on the way up and should have sold at $2.00, they made their announcement after hours, still I knew to sell but didn't. Only had 185 shares, so I sold them Monday for $1.56 no biggie.
Damn it, you two. This thread is for YRCW STOCK UPDATES ONLY! NO OTHER POSTINGS! Next time I'll have no choice.:kickedoutsmile::biglaugh:

There ya go R. I took care of your dirty work.:butt kiss::biglaugh: