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YRCW Teamsters ratify current concession package


Active Member
We at Reddaway are not on NMFA so we did not vote on these concessions.

Ice Rider :shift:

Maybe you can bring us all up to speed regarding Reddaway in the Northwest.
I thought that the union shops like Seattle and Portland and some others did not vote for any givebacks or pay cuts yet.
So how long do you think YRC is going to keep Reddaway going if they are making more money cost wise than all the other YRC members in the NMFA.
I still see the Reddaway trucks on the road, but I wonder if YRC will make any changes in the future to merge or close duplicate terminals or services/


Ice Rider

Well-Known Member
The 15% paycut was voted on and yes a few of the terminals in the NW voted against them, YRC has repeatedly threatened to close them but so far, all talk on YRC's part. Reddaway is still on the road for now but honestly, I take it day by day. I do not see how YRC can pull it out, I have watched this scenario play out many times before in my 30 years in this industry and it has never turned out good, PIE, CF, NW etc.., every major union company is gone. In 1980 (the year I started) the top 50 LTL companies in the USA were union, today in reality we are down to 2, YRC and ABF and in "MY OPINION" the writing is on the wall.
YRC has sold all of Reddawy's terminals, my truck has 1.3 million miles on it and no new equipment is in sight in fact they are handing down Roadway tractors to us now so even IF they wanted to sell Reddaway...what is there to sell? you can not sell a customer base and they have sold all our real estate. Talk of merging us with YRC does not make me feel any better, NMFA does not let a paper contract "feather in seniority" with NMFA. We would be tail ended into any merger. So the outlook as far as I see it is bleak but I am working, what was once a great company has been reduced to one of the lowest paying LTL jobs out there thanks mostly to Bill Zollars, YRC and in some ways the IBT.
I wish all of you at Fed Ex the best, several of my friend's went there 4 mos. ago, all had 12 or more years here and felt they made a good move getting on with Fed Ex, all are on the cut list now at Fed Ex. I feel for all of you and I am sending prayers to all of you and to all the driver's employed by YRC..Union and Non Union, an unemployment check does not discriminate against either, we all are just trying to get through this world the best we can. God bless.

Twice Pipes

Well-Known Member
Good luck Ice Rider. I had a friend of mine who works for Reddaway in LA call me today. He said they are good to go as far as Jan 2011 After that he doesn't know.


Active Member
Ice Rider :shift:

Very well said.
When I started with Viking, Reddaway was our strongest competitor.
Both dominated the I-5 corridor, and Willig would blow our doors off just for kicks.