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    Schneider National was my 2nd driving job (NAVL was my first. .lol). To this day I still think about that period in my driving career. Looking back, it wasn't so bad? Sure my base pay was .21/cpm. If you drove 55 mph(w/ no cruise control) you could get up to .06/cpm in a fuel bonus (I averaged .05/cpm. .lol)
    You may ask, "Would I do it again?" Answer: PROBABLY NOT. .lol
    But..., it did serve a purpose in a time in my life when I was very young and inexperienced...
    Be safe out there. :-)
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    You must miss driving those COE cornbinders!! But I think a lot of us can look back on where we came from and say the same things.
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    I went through Schneider's school in 1990. I signed a 1 year contract and stayed 13 months. It was a very good place to start for me. I nailed the bonus most months. Would not want to do it again.

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